Roundhill Furniture Habit Solid Wood Tufted Parsons Dining Chair

Home décor enthusiasts, this one’s for you! The top pick in wooden dining chairs right now is this Parsons Dining Chair set. Not only are they designed to look like they’re suited for royalty (who says you aren’t royalty anyway?) but they are practical and durable too.

Upholstered in the colour of your choice, these chairs are created with wooden legs and accented with buttons across the front. Stylish, classy and easily tailored to suit any room! The chairs have a slight curve to them, making it a comfortable choice for any person’s shape or size.

Parsons Dining Chair set

Some say the kitchen is the heart of the house, I say the dining room is. Generally, conversation fills a dining room, as well as delicious aromas and warm energy. It’s the place where families join after a long day, to share their stories and anecdotes.

Whether or not your dining room holds sentimental family values, it’s typically still a room you’d like to keep stylish. Be that for your own satisfaction or for the extravagant dinner parties to be held. Whatever the reason, a well decorated dining room is always in fashion.

Beautiful dining rooms can take time though, however, with the right furniture the design process can easily be sped up. Wooden dining chairs are extremely sophisticated and can accommodate many styles, depending on your preference.

Because of this, they’re a great option to go for when designing your room, and so are full-length floor mirrors. In this article, I’m going to share the best wooden dining chairs out there. If you’re stuck on what dining chairs to invest in, I’ve got you covered with this guide! So, keep calm and scroll on.

Comfortable, Casual, yet Trendy, Wooden Dining Chairs

It can sometimes be easy to get carried away with a design, that you forget about comfort completely. Something can be extremely gorgeous, but if it’s not pleasant to sit on, what’s the point? The same goes for a more casual style. It’s important to look for something that will tick all three boxes: casual, comfortable AND trendy. This could work great in a combination with your study desk.

For a set that measures up to these standards, see the Hammis Dining Room set. This style is very minimalist, which is a big trend in home décor. It’s a perfect style for maintaining that casual feel.  They’re made from a dark wood and have a vinyl cushion that marks the comfort necessity. The design is very sleek, with a classic lined-frame and the dark wood that will suit any room. If comfort and class are what you’re looking for, these chairs will definitely appeal to you. There’s something very elegant about dark wood that manages to maintain a feeling of warmth in a room.


Hammis Dining Room

Best Leather Wooden Dining Chairs

Leather is very edgy and always trendy. Though, if you style it wrong, it can end up looking slightly distasteful. This is why I’d suggest going for something like these Stone and Beam Channel-Back chairs. They are a neutral brown leather, with dark wooden legs. This set has various elements that make it stand out against its chic, light-toned leather. There are brass nail heads that hug the sides of the chair, all the way around to the other side. This gives the chairs a contemporary feel, while still appearing very classic. The perfect combination when it comes to leather!

Another element of this set is the ribbed design that continues vertically on the leather. It’s a slight detail that makes a big impact on its uncomplicated design. These chairs are highly favoured too due to their stability from the wooden legs. The darker wooden legs and the lighter shade of leather create a stunning contrast. These would quickly become the focal point in any dining room!

Stone and Beam Channel-Back

The Most Stylish Wood Tufted Dining Chairs

Before we can even delve into the world of stylish tufted dining chairs, you need to know what it means. When material is tufted, it’s usually for a decorative purpose. Tufting is done by grouping some of the material together at regular intervals, to create a pattern essentially.

At the beginning of the article, the Parsons Dining Chair was mentioned as the top pick. This set includes tufted elements in the design. And it’s chosen as the top pick for a reason. Firstly, the tufted components give the chairs a very classic, elegant feel. It’s the perfect style to go for if you’re looking for a more formal type of dining room. The neutral cream shade of the fabric and the lighter wooden legs add to the softness of the chair. It’s reminiscent of a doll house dining room!

Secondly, the chairs are designed with comfort in mind. The cushioning is enough to make anyone feel super comfortable and relaxed. A definite bonus when purchasing important furniture! This set of dining chairs has all the right characteristics for anyone looking to create a fairytale dining room.

A second stylish tufted dining chair to be mentioned is this Dorel Living Clareborne set. Again, the tufting of the buttons creates a formal appearance, but in a very modern way. The design is described as an hourglass shape, with the top of the chair being wider than the middle. The lower half of the chair is then wider than the middle too. This shape will create a foundation for extreme comfort and luxury.

There is also contrast between the grey colour of the chair and the dark wooden legs. The contrast creates a very interesting feel. In addition, the wooden legs are thick enough to maintain stability and durability. No one wants their guests’ falling over from unsteady chairs!

Dorel Living Clareborne

Simple Wooden Chair Designs

Despite the thrill of branching out with unique chair designs, sometimes simple is the best way to make a statement. This Poly and Bark Mid-Century set is a perfect example. The design is simple, but it still has a unique edge to it. The legs are made from maple wood, giving them a light hue. In contrast, the base of the chair is black. There are no patterns or embellishments on the chair, making it very plain. However, the statement is in the plain simplicity.

It has to be mentioned that the shape of the chair slightly resembles that of a dome. This shape will ensure a person’s comfortability and ease of relaxation. Who says you have to sit dead straight in your dining room chair? You can revel in comfort and enjoy your dinner simultaneously!

Poly and Bark Mid-Century

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Best Affordable Wooden Dining Chairs

Decorating any room, let alone a dining room, is always going to be a costly activity. Home décor is one of those things that you’ll invest in now and enjoy for many years to come. In saying that though, there is always a budget buy lurking around. And if you’re in the right place, you’ll find the style you want at a bargain!

These chairs by Gotminsi are very affordable and very stylish. They’re made with dark synthetic leather and have dark wooden legs too. The leather look and the wood are very similar in colour, resulting in a very modern looking chair. It creates a monochromatic style that will fit into any room.

These chairs are highly recommended if you’re on a budget but would still like some current trends. Especially with the leather appearance, your dining room will be on trend without a doubt! Black and white are used in many contemporary houses because of the sleek atmosphere they provide. So, if you go for an all dark chair like this, you’ll be even closer to a modern looking room!


Another set of more affordable chairs are these Leahlyn Dining Upholstered chairs. They’re slightly more expensive than the previous ones, but definitely still on the budget spectrum. The design on these chairs are perfect if you’re wanting more of a vintage feel in your dining room. They are cushioned with a beautiful paisley pattern, which is so different to any of the other modern pieces. It certainly creates a bold statement, but in such a simple way.

The wood that makes up the rest of the chair is a warm brown, creating an inviting feel. It’s perfectly suitable for anyone who loves to have people over and enjoys being the host or hostess! Your guests won’t want to leave such a delightful space. They’ll feel so homey sitting in a room with these dining chairs!

Leahlyn Dining Upholstered

The Best Ergonomic Wooden Dining Chairs

When you’re sitting at a table, even if that’s a dining table, you still want to ensure that your comfort is matched with correct posture. Your posture is so important in maintaining a strong back. When looking for dining room chairs, it may be wise to include ergonomic design into your check list.

These Vintage Molded Shell chairs are highly raved about because of their extreme comfort and durability. The curved shape of the chair plays a big role in the comfort factor. The shape will quickly hug a persons’ body, letting them sink right in. The seat is made of plastic, while the legs are wooden. One might think that the plastic would be uncomfortable, but in actual fact, it’s the opposite. The material is what also adds to the chair’s durability.

You’ll be surprised at how gentle it feels, with or without a cushion. And because of its stability, sitting at the dining room table for hours won’t be a problem. Your posture will be supported by solid back of the chair, in addition to the strong, wooden legs.

Vintage Molded Shell

Comfortable Wooden Dining Chair

If you think of wood, you may quickly jump to thoughts of rigid and stiff surfaces. However, that’s not always the case. Dining chairs these days are designed with various materials in ways that make them smooth and comfortable. And that’s regardless of what they’re made from.

You can decide to look for wooden dining chairs that are already cushioned. Or you can go with plain wooden chairs that you’ll add your own cushioning to later. You also don’t even need to add a cushion at all! The choice is up to you.

This East West Furniture Wood Seat set is known for its comfortability and supportive design. It’s a very simple design, nothing extravagant, but it’s quality and craftmanship is impeccable. The back of the chair has vertical bars across it and is slightly slanted. These elements allow for good support, as well as comfort. This specific set is a dark wood, which can be used in a modern setting, or styled as vintage. It all depends on what you like.

East West Furniture Wood Seat

When designing your dining room, it’s always good to have an idea of how you want it to look. If you’re going for the wooden look, follow these tips when doing your shopping! Wooden dining chairs can be styled both in a modern or a vintage way. They allow that fluidity, which is great for anyone in the market for them. It’s also important to remember that wooden chairs can be comfortable, cozy, and trendy at the same time!