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8 Best Flat Irons and Hair Straighteners for Damaged Hair 2020

It’s crazy that we always want what we can’t have! You could be the envy of a multitude of women because of your gorgeous, luscious, curly locks, and still want shiny, straight hair. Though, this desire can be fulfilled now, with technology on our side and the semi-permanent hair-do satisfaction it can finally give us. Cue the flat irons! As a fellow frizzy-haired lady, I have always been drawn to the hair straighteners that promised sleekness, smoothness and outright salon-worthy hair. But there’s always been the worry of the damage I’m causing to my own. It’s entered your mind once or twice in your lifetime, right? Don’t fear though – hair technology has made it possible to nowadays have your straight hair and revel in its health too! I’m sharing some exciting tips with you below on why straighteners cause damage in the first place, how to take care of damaged hair and [...]

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The 5 Best Hairdryers for Damaged Hair Review & Guide 2020

TOP PICK - Drybar Buttercup hairdryer Hands down the top pick right now as far as hairdryers go! Drybar is renowned for their beautiful blowouts and ease with creating shiny locks, and with this incredible tool, they’ve brought the same level of professionalism into the comfort of your own home. This hairdryer is designed with every type of hair in mind, to please every individual woman. Two nozzles, a wider and a narrower one, deliver greater accuracy depending on the look you want to achieve. The wider nozzle allows the air to reach more hair at once, while the narrower one perfects smaller sections with rigour. READ MORE ON AMAZON Keep reading for more details on this winning hairdryer. A hairdryer is a necessity that every woman should own. Whether you’ve got short hair or long tresses, hairdryers are so versatile in their abilities. From creating sleek, straight looks, to [...]

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Best Home Spa Products Online – For Every Luxury Spa Night!

The calming music, the pleasant smell, the tangible serenity that fills every spa – you all know what I’m talking about. There’s nothing as soothing as a spa filled with all these things. But sometimes it can become a pricey hobby to maintain, or life can become too hectic to even make it there anymore. This is exactly why home spas are becoming so desirable. You get the calmness that a spa delivers, but in your own, private sanctuary. There are so many products out there that can help you create the home spa of your dreams! Long gone are the days of rushing between meetings just to make your 4pm pedicure appointment or having to cancel it more than once because you just cannot get there. In this article, we’re going to help you find the spa products that are perfect for your home spa, making every night a possible luxury spa night for [...]

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The 9 Best High Waist Yoga Pants – Review 2020!

You know that really accomplished feeling you get after an intense workout? The kind where your body is shaking and you’re dripping with sweat? That kind of accomplishment is unlike no other! For someone who may be on the slightly less athletic side like me, you’ll agree with that statement. Even if fitness is not your forte, but something you enjoy doing anyway, then you won’t be a stranger to the feeling of pure joy once your workout is finished – right?! Despite this, there are some ways that can make your workout even more pleasurable. Perhaps even make you almost sad once it’s over. You don’t believe me? Well, would you believe a gorgeous pair of figure-hugging, figure-firming yoga pants? I know I will. Any workout is made so much better when I know that my workout outfit is pretty and modern. It somehow manages to increase the motivation, or lack thereof, and make the [...]

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Review: Extra Thick Yoga Mat – Why it’s the Best Option in 2020

Exercising, and yoga, in particular, is one of the best ways to unwind and destress. I’m sure every person reading this will agree. What isn’t so great, however, is exercising on a paper-thin mat. No matter how satisfying or intense your workout, a mat that leaves your joints in pain is not worth it. As a fellow yogi, I know the difference a lush, thick mat makes. To anyone who disagrees, you probably haven’t done yoga on a thin mat, placed on a cold, tiled floor! It’s not pleasant. Granted, one of the purposes behind yoga is clearing the mind and accepting what is. However, this is much easier to do when sitting on a cushiony mat! In this article, we’re diving deep into the world of yoga mats. I will share the benefits of a thick yoga mat, where to purchase them and my top pick. So, get comfortable and read on… [...]

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Best Hair Extensions Online 2020 – Clip-In & Tape-In Guide!

Everyone wants what they can’t have, right? But these days, you really can have it all. You can have your cake and eat it too! When it comes to hair, this runs true still. Ladies with short hair often lust over those with luscious, long locks. But often, when you end up growing your hair, there’s a strong pull towards cutting it short again. It really is a never-ending cycle. I have the solution though… Cue the hair extensions. Nowadays, anyone can buy the hair type, length and colour of their dreams. Whether you want long tresses for a while or only for a night out, there’s extensions available for every need. You don’t have to panic every time you cut your hair anymore, in fear that you might regret it. That’s what extensions are there for! In this article I’m going to share the best hair extensions you can find online, both clip-in and [...]

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The 6 Best Weighted Blankets for Insomnia and Anxiety – Reviews 2020

As the year closes and a new one ushers in a few weeks, people may be thinking that the instant pot takes the cake as the most popular home accessory for 2019. Unfortunately for fans of the instant cooker, a bedroom add-on is quickly giving it a run for its money. And it’s none other than weighted blankets. Weighted blankets are exactly that: blankets with a unique mechanism that allows it to distribute weight on the body of the person underneath. Apparently, this makes you feel more comfortable while sleeping or lying on the bed compared to when you are using a typical comforter. What are the benefits of weighted blankets? Just like your very own, homemade spa, added comfort is not just the only thing weighted blankets can do for you. Although they are mainly advertised for the level of relaxation they can provide, weighted blankets also have special benefits for people [...]

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Pegasi 2 vs Luminette 3 – Best Light Therapy Glasses Review 2020

Considering the constant evolution of technology these days and the role it plays in our daily lives, it comes as no surprise that our well-being is also affected in one way or another. It has come to a point where the concerns we have now are virtually non-existent in the past like health problems and lifestyle hazards. Fortunately, the advancement in technology also paves the way for devices that address these concerns the best way possible. Such is the case for sleep disorders and the device that could help solve it best – light therapy glasses. How can light therapy glasses help me? If you’ve been on the fence about getting help for your difficulties in sleeping, you’ve probably thought this question a lot to yourself. “How can light therapy glasses help me?” These glasses are meticulously designed to provide the user with benefits from light therapy or phototherapy. Light therapy, as the [...]

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The Best Yoga Gift Ideas – 2020 [e.g. Birthday and Christmas]

Yoga has become very popular, but it’s not a new fad. In fact, it’s been around for 5000 years. It’s a Hindu spiritual discipline which involves meditation, controlling your breath and taking on all sorts of postures. There are over 100 different types of yoga, most of which are relaxing, but some are fast-paced. It gives you flexibility, builds muscles and is good for you if you have heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes. However, it is a good idea to check with your doctor before you start doing yoga. In this article, we will be looking at gifts for yoga lovers. As you will see, there are plenty of cool things out there. How to Come Up with Yoga Gift Ideas Yoga is a lifestyle, not just a type of exercise so any gift related to yoga will be appreciated. Look on the internet to get good options. Most [...]

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Best Beauty Products in 2020 – Inspiration and Guide

Beauty is a billion-dollar business. It’s a fact that most women want to look their best and delay the signs of ageing for as long as possible. That goes for me too. I have been interested in beauty products since I was a teenager and I love trying out new products. When we’re young it’s easy to think that it isn’t important to take care of our skin, but it is. How we treat our skin when we are in our teens and twenties affects what it will look like further down the road. I have always been careful to cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day as well as doing the fun part of applying make-up. In this article, I will be looking at some of the beauty products out there in skincare, hair care and cosmetics. I will tell you what you need in your bathroom cabinet and I will also look at [...]

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