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The 5 Best Standing Floor Mirrors 2021 – [with Full Length Mirror Budget Option]

Adesso WK2444-22 Alice Floor Mirror with Steel Finishing Made with high quality steel, this mirror is resistant to rust and scratch as the powder coated champagne finish gives it an elegant vibe. It is lightweight, but sturdy and is sure to last. The product is also carefully designed to provide room for tilting, giving you a better full-length view of your reflection. Pros: This mirror is very easy to assemble and store if you have to. In terms of care and cleaning, you simply need to use a microfiber cloth to dry the mirror and a Q tip dipped in a cleaning solution for the edges. For more information, check out price and product reviews on Amazon! Standing Floor Mirrors Tips & Review! After all the painstaking work you’ve put into finding, acquiring, and assembling pieces [...]

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Best Hair Extensions Online 2021 – Clip-In & Tape-In Guide!

Everyone wants what they can’t have, right? But these days, you really can have it all. You can have your cake and eat it too! When it comes to hair, this runs true still. Ladies with short hair often lust over those with luscious, long locks. But often, when you end up growing your hair, there’s a strong pull towards cutting it short again. It really is a never-ending cycle. I have the solution though… Cue the hair extensions. Nowadays, anyone can buy the hair type, length and colour of their dreams. Whether you want long tresses for a while or only for a night out, there’s extensions available for every need. You don’t have to panic every time you cut your hair anymore, in fear that you might regret it. That’s what extensions are there for! In this article I’m going to share the best hair extensions you can find online, both clip-in and [...]

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The 6 Best Weighted Blankets for Insomnia and Anxiety – Reviews 2021

As the year closes and a new one ushers in a few weeks, people may be thinking that the instant pot takes the cake as the most popular home accessory for 2019. Unfortunately for fans of the instant cooker, a bedroom add-on is quickly giving it a run for its money. And it’s none other than weighted blankets. Weighted blankets are exactly that: blankets with a unique mechanism that allows it to distribute weight on the body of the person underneath. Apparently, this makes you feel more comfortable while sleeping or lying on the bed compared to when you are using a typical comforter. What are the benefits of weighted blankets? Just like your very own, homemade spa, added comfort is not just the only thing weighted blankets can do for you. Although they are mainly advertised for the level of relaxation they can provide, weighted blankets also have special benefits for people [...]

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Pegasi 2 vs Luminette 3 – Best Light Therapy Glasses Review 2021

Considering the constant evolution of technology these days and the role it plays in our daily lives, it comes as no surprise that our well-being is also affected in one way or another. It has come to a point where the concerns we have now are virtually non-existent in the past like health problems and lifestyle hazards.Fortunately, the advancement in technology also paves the way for devices that address these concerns the best way possible. Such is the case for sleep disorders and the device that could help solve it best – light therapy glasses.How can light therapy glasses help me?If you’ve been on the fence about getting help for your difficulties in sleeping, you’ve probably thought this question a lot to yourself. “How can light therapy glasses help me?”These glasses are meticulously designed to provide the user with benefits from light therapy or phototherapy. Light therapy, as the name suggests, is the scientific use of [...]

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The Best Artificial Palm Trees – Review & Tips 2021

Nearly Natural 56 in. Areca Palm Silk Tree with Basket Overall Rating: 5/5 Value for Money: 5/5 This Nearly Natural artificial tree provides a lush, tropical feel inside the house despite the size. At only 56 inches tall, it commands attention from guests and can also be a good conversation starter. The brand is a pioneer in the artificial plant industry and is known for its products with “real feel” as shown by the slender and wispy alternating leaves in this areca palm silk tree. The silk arrangements are manufactured using synthetic materials that create life-like silk arrangements. For more information, check out price and product reviews on Amazon! Our Best Tips on Decorating with a Fake/Artificial Palm Tree! No home ever feels complete without a sign of life within it. It’s always bound to feel [...]

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The Best Yoga Gift Ideas – 2021 [e.g. Birthday and Christmas]

Yoga has become very popular, but it’s not a new fad. In fact, it’s been around for 5000 years. It’s a Hindu spiritual discipline which involves meditation, controlling your breath and taking on all sorts of postures. There are over 100 different types of yoga, most of which are relaxing, but some are fast-paced. It gives you flexibility, builds muscles and is good for you if you have heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes. However, it is a good idea to check with your doctor before you start doing yoga. In this article, we will be looking at gifts for yoga lovers. As you will see, there are plenty of cool things out there. How to Come Up with Yoga Gift Ideas Yoga is a lifestyle, not just a type of exercise so any gift related to yoga will be appreciated. Look on the internet to get good options. Most [...]

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The 5 Best Juicer Machines in 2021

KOIOS Juicer If you want to jump straight to it, here is our Top Pick. The KOIOS Juicer is a slow masticating juicer machine, ideal for those tough-to-crack hard fruits and vegetables, such as apples and ginger root. This mechanical device separates itself from manual juicers and some centrifugal juicers for its ability to do this well and to do it without causing any damage. If you imagine a juicing machine crunching hard vegetables down to the core then you may imagine loud, bumpy, grinding noises. This isn’t the case with the KOIOS Juicer: it operates at a mere 60db when working, which is the equivalent of a normal conversation or background music. We’re not joking!  This is a juicer machine of the highest quality. We can’t speak more highly of this one! Complete Review of the Best Juicers for [...]

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The 5 Best Hair Growth Systems – How To Increase Hair in 2020

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Pro's:  • #1 Bestseller • Handheld controller • 43.2% average increase in hair growth iRestore leads the way in hair loss technology. Their Laser Hair Growth System boasts an average hair growth of 43.2% for those who use it. The helmet is lightweight and comfortable. The machines are developed in GMP-certified facilities and are FDA-cleared. The machine is great value-for-money, being very affordable as it is, so you may wish to pay an extra $50 for the Rechargeable Battery Pack. Summary: the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is the leading machine of its kind. It boasts fantastic results and is very affordable and if you want end your search early - this would be a good place. Complete Review of the Best Hair Growth Helmets for you! Hair is important. Having hair looks good [...]

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The 5 Best Retro Toasters – Guide & Review in 2021

Smeg TFS01 2-slice Toaster Smeg is arguably one of the most popular retro-looking toasters today. The pastel colors are definitely nice to look at and they make for perfect decorations in the kitchen even when not in use. But aside from its timeless look, the Smeg toaster also has a few more features it can be proud of. The product is meticulously designed with a steel body, polished chrome base, and a stainless-steel ball lever. The Smeg toaster can stand the test of time, construction and style-wise. Scroll down for more information or check out Product Reviews now on Amazon. Review and List of Popular Retro Toasters Anyone who takes their kitchen seriously always has a toaster ready for use in some corner of the counter. It may not be a thought that comes to mind often, but you’ll find this to be true. And amid the rise of so many new kitchen appliances, toasters manage [...]

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