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The 5 Best Retro Microwave Ovens for 2020 – Online Review!

Daewoo KOR-7LREM Retro Countertop Microwave Oven If you are simply looking for a cool retro microwave, this is the one. So to make it simple, we put it on top! Scroll down for more inspiration. This microwave oven from one of South Korea’s reliable brands has a unique design that takes you back to the good old days. Compact, light, and efficient. It has 4 auto-cook functionalities and an auto-defrost feature practical for meal preps. This product has an automatic power off function, which could be a bit of a hassle to some customers. It does simple tasks of heating and defrosting well, but it may not be able to handle more complicated meal preparations. Product Variants: This design comes in three colors – Mint Green, Cream White, and Red. For more information, check out price and product reviews on Amazon! [...]

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Kitchen Appliances Inspiration – Must-Haves for Your Kitchen 2020

So, you’ve bought a new home in your dream neighborhood and now you couldn’t wait to start with all the decorations and home shopping. Or maybe you are just looking to upgrade or reinvent your kitchen? The problem is, everything feels so overwhelming that you can’t seem to decide where to begin. “Do I decorate the bedroom first? Shall I start shopping for living room furniture? How about the bathroom and my walk-in closet? When do I squeeze in shopping for kitchen essentials?” These may all feel a bit too much if you let them pile up on you from the get-go. But shopping for and decorating your new abode shouldn’t have to feel like a chore. A great tip to make it less demanding is by working in segments. Pick a room that you would like to make a priority and start from there. For example, begin with the kitchen, which is arguably the [...]

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The 5 Best Juicer Machines in 2020

KOIOS Juicer If you want to jump straight to it, here is our Top Pick. The KOIOS Juicer is a slow masticating juicer machine, ideal for those tough-to-crack hard fruits and vegetables, such as apples and ginger root. This mechanical device separates itself from manual juicers and some centrifugal juicers for its ability to do this well and to do it without causing any damage. If you imagine a juicing machine crunching hard vegetables down to the core then you may imagine loud, bumpy, grinding noises. This isn’t the case with the KOIOS Juicer: it operates at a mere 60db when working, which is the equivalent of a normal conversation or background music. We’re not joking!  This is a juicer machine of the highest quality. We can’t speak more highly of this one! Complete Review of the Best Juicers for [...]

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The 5 Best Retro Toasters – Guide & Review in 2020

Smeg TFS01 2-slice Toaster Smeg is arguably one of the most popular retro-looking toasters today. The pastel colors are definitely nice to look at and they make for perfect decorations in the kitchen even when not in use. But aside from its timeless look, the Smeg toaster also has a few more features it can be proud of. The product is meticulously designed with a steel body, polished chrome base, and a stainless-steel ball lever. The Smeg toaster can stand the test of time, construction and style-wise. Scroll down for more information or check out Product Reviews now on Amazon. Review and List of Popular Retro Toasters Anyone who takes their kitchen seriously always has a toaster ready for use in some corner of the counter. It may not be a thought that comes to mind [...]

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